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 Bienvendio, Welcome, Willkommen
Manuel Ambulo's Flight Simulator Tools (Official Homepage)
***Home of the #1 FREE ATC Radar Application***
Welcome to the homepage of Manuel Ambulo's Flight Simulator Software. Here you can find the latest releases of ATC Radar, Airport Chart Viewer and the Aircraft and Gauges Uninstaller.
This is the home of the well-known free ATC Radar application used to control aircrafts in multiplayer games, but this site offers many other useful utilities for your flight simulator experience as well.
Please sign the guest book and let me know what you think of this homepage. Please suggest ideas and comments in our forums.
The author of these Flight Simulator tools (Manuel) is working hard to providing you with the latest updates and information via this homepage.

Update: 20.07.2009
Thanks for your continued interest in Manuel's Software. It's great to see how many enjoy using the software and continue to visit the website, even though development has been slow in the past year. I am thinking about creating a twitter account about development of Manuel's Flight Simulator Software and perhaps a few notes on the homepage. Rather then you having to check back on this site, you can see on twitter when something has been updated or there are new releases. We would keep you up to date on twitter. If you are interested then please let us know in the poll. Thank you and see u soon! - Joachim (webmaster)

Update: 21.05.2018
We have removed the ability for registration until we update our site policy to be compatible for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (DSGVO)
You may still log in using your existing account.
Please note SSL is currently not available, but will be enabled shortly. For questions or comments, please contact the webmaster.

Update: 16.06.2018
SSL was enabled


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Started: 20/07/2009 10:23
Ended: 20/02/2010 13:47
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16/01/2017 07:47
where is everyone. is there any support anymore.

27/12/2010 22:41
Looking forward to it! Nice Job on the Captcha Manuel Smile

08/09/2010 04:41
Yep i need to implement some captcha on here to stop that kid posting....Im almost nearly in a testing stage with my last project so probably I'll be posting few images and some new info here....s

07/09/2010 17:51
Keep up the good work Manuel! and try to clean up this spam mess when able... try using a captcha (http://www.captch in your register form or maybe also to validate the shoutbox form. Grin

14/07/2010 17:54
About donations ill try to see if i setup something..but Paypal doesnt supports my country...i can only receive things like wire transfers...i has researched Paypal possibilities in the past but i was

14/07/2010 17:52
The FS Dogfights is the one im working now...and after that ill release all 4 at same shareware...all are for FSX

14/07/2010 17:51
-Tower AI Traffic - FS AI Controller - FS AI Routes - FS Dogfights

14/07/2010 17:51
Dont worry, i didnt left the projects, they are there...actually im finishing the last program that will be for shareware...there will be 4 programs brand new and never seen before...

14/07/2010 17:50
Hey Gamma, i has just get rip of some spam...i has being away a little bit from the website..since i has something to do on here...

17/06/2010 18:20
Another thing... keep checking PayPal possibilities in your country, would love to donate Wink

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